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Beach Tents & Shelters

Beach Tents & Shelters

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Beach Tents are the perfect solutions when it comes to practical, temporary and portable beach shelters at beaches, backyards and pool sides. 

Tents & Cabanas Go Best With Beaches and Sunshine Headed for a fun-filled day at the beach with your family? You might want to consider taking a tent or cabana along. Although not on the top of your list of beach equipment; their benefits make them well worthy of inclusion. Many of these Beach Tents and Beach shelters have alots of pace to use Beach chairs inside for more relaxation under the shade. 

Multiple Benefits Tents and cabanas have come a long way from their original camping origins. Modern beach tents and beach cabanas are constructed from special materials that resist and protect you and your family from harmful UV rays, wind, rain and even particles of sand. After all, ninety percent of a beach is made up of sand! A tent or beach cabana can be the perfect refuge for those with sensitive skin, especially kids. Many of them have mesh windows for great ventilation and door-like panels for extra seating area. Poor ventilated tents gives you a feeling of hot sauna. Beach Tent can also be used as fishing tent. They offer wind protection compared to Beach Umbrellas and also some privacy. 

Finding your own space on a beach can be a daunting task, especially if the beach is crowded. Beach Tents and beach cabanas offer privacy while changing, safe storage for beach equipment and shelter for picnicking or just lounging around in the company of a good book. 

Types of Beach Tents: 
Frame Beach Tent : Provide alots of space for comfort and popular for camping. Aluminum or Steel Poles are used to construct the framework and requires two or more people to setup. Pop Up Beach Tent : The quickest type to setup within seconds due to unique hub system and usually lightweight and compact with fiberglass poles. Also popular Beach Shelter for kids and babies. Dome Beach Tents : They are compact folding and lightweight for easy transport but limited seating area due to the vertical dome shape. Family Beach Tents : Made from heavy materials for strong support of large size structure allowing space for 3 - 4 persons. Canopy Shade Tents : commonly used for parties and weddings. They are not designed to withstand severe weather conditions. 

Tents & Cabanas: Just Tent, Not Repent! All beach tents and beach cabanas available at our website have modern features, such as central frame systems that ensure that beach shelter assemble in less than a minute, ventilation vents and storage compartments. When not in use, they can be folded and stored easily. We also offer kiddies tents that your little ones will love playing in.