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  • 44 inch Ultimate Wavemaster Pro Bodyboard
    Pro Quality wrist leash with padded wristband. Recommended for Rider Weight of 150 - 250 lbs.
    Item Weight (lbs.):
    Open Dimensions:
    (inches): 23.5 Widest Part; 19.5 Tail Width; 13 Nose Width; 2.75 Thick ; 44 Length
    Weight Capacity Lbs.:
    Country of Origin:
    Construction Type:

Conquer the wave with right bodyboard 

Of the various water sports surfing and body boarding are very popular. One needs a body board or a surfing board to enjoy this sport. Bodyboarding is kind of riding over a wave some times known as boogie riding too. A smaller board is used for it which is rectangular and hydrodynamic. It is typically ridden in a prone position. Body boards are used for surfing while lying and not in a standing posture. The body board is shorter than the surfing board and is made of foam with a plastic bottom. They are broader than a surfing board. To choose the correct size of the board place the tail portion on the floor and hold the board in an up right position, the nose should be around the navel of the user. The flex and the control provided to the rider differ with the foam used in the board. The boards have one or two of graphite or of carbon to give them strength and reduce deformation and to add stiffness. These rods are called the stringers. The modern boards have channels which can increase the surface area resulting in a better wave hold. The skegs, tails are used according to the kind of riding that one would do. There are basically two types of bonding the upper deck and the bottom. The shape of the board makes a lot of difference in the kind of riding that can be done. If the broad face is nearer to the nose it would be good for prone riding. A buyer should have a fair idea about the performance of the board depending on the shape. 

There are many companies which make body boards. Body boards made by Morey are the most popular brand in the whole world. Morey's bodyboards come in different sizes to suit people of different height and weight. Morey boards can be selected on the bases of the core, tail, size and the stringer. They come in different colors. 

While buying a bodyboard, make sure that the surface is not porous. They tend to get heavy in water within a short time. The surface should have a smooth finish. When the board is laid on the ground it should not wobble or rock back and forth. While testing for the flex hold the rear of the board against the stomach and try to flex it by holding the nose. The better it flexes the better its performance would be. The more flexible boards get spoiled quickly. The tails of the board include the latest technology which comes into the market. It is better to know of it from an attendant. Also make sure that the foam of the board selected has no cracks or creases. Such boards can be life threatening. 

All the accessories required by the body boarders are also on hand. There are various categories among body boarding like Prone, drop knee, girl or a big guy. They are different styles of riding. Buy the correct board for a particular style and beat the wave and enjoy the fun with popular beach sports