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Beach Cabanas

Beach Cabanas

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Beach Cabanas Perfect Isolated Havens! 

Beach cabanas and tents are freestanding house like structures. They are also known as shade structures. They are portable and are easy to construct, fold and unfold. Small children love these private beach centers. The two terms- cabanas and tents are by and large used to denote the same thing and are hence used interchangeably. 

Earlier only a selected few beach tents were equipped with an SPF protection but of late nearly all gazebos, cabanas and tents come with adequate UV protection. The actual sun protection factor may vary from one tent to another but almost all of them are essentially equipped with at least some fraction of it. From simple tents to luxurious cabanas, beach shade structures come in a variety of sizes, designs and features. The chief types of beach tents are explained in the following lines: 

Family Tents : As the name suggests, family tents are made with the thought to accommodate the entire family and hence are particularly large in size. They are usually big enough to house 5-6 people. They can even accommodate beach equipment like chairs and beach umbrellas. 
Kids Tents : Children cabanas are extremely cute beach structures. They come in striking colors and designs. 
Canopy Tents : Beach canopy tents are usually used to hold grand events like parties and weddings etc. 
Dome Tents : These beach tents are extremely lightweight and portable. The dome shape makes them compact. 
Frame Tents : These are rather complex structures with elaborate steel poles and aluminum framing. These tents are however not very difficult to set up and can be easily positioned with the help of just 2 strong people. 
Pop-up Beach Tents : These tents are one of the kinds of children beach tents only. They are extremely simple to set up. Popular pop up beach tent which provide shade for upto 4 people. 
Tripod : As the name suggests tripods are triangular shaped tents. This form of tent provides great ventilation because of its shape. 

Usually a beach tent does not have any floor or door but some tents even come with detailed windows. Almost all beach tents include compartments to store essential beach equipment and other knick knacks for children. Some elaborate beach structures even include special compartments that can easily serve as changing rooms. The tent also allows the family to stretch out and unwind. This helps to ensure privacy. They serve as perfect isolated havens. Besides providing the much needed privacy compared to beach umbrella, the beach tents also help to protect the family from the brunt of merciless heat. 

If somehow, a person does not want to invest in a beach tent, the option of hiring a beach tent may be considered. People who go for camping pretty frequently prefer to buy their own beach cabanas but for those who aren't that avid camping adventurers, hiring the beach tents is by far the best option. The trend of getting hold of a custom made tent is also catching up. Sunrays can beat a person down. Play smart, fight the heat and get hold of a beach tent soon!