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Umbrella Stands

Umbrella Stands

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Umbrella Stands and Umbrella Bases can be very crucial for an umbrella

An umbrella will be of no use if it is not able to stand erect and give shade to the people sitting under it. The standing umbrellas are preferred over the ones that are held in hand because one does not have to care about the umbrella and can sit freely under the umbrella stands without having to hold it or give it support. If the umbrella that is supposed to stand erect in the ground is not able to do so and keeps falling here and there then there is no point having such an umbrella. For any umbrella it is very important that it has a good and sturdy umbrella stand and umbrella base. The beach umbrellas are to be fixed in the loose sand and this can be a very difficult task if the umbrella does not have a strong base. The base should be strong that an umbrella is not blown away by wind or not made to fall off by splashing rain showers. A properly fastened umbrella can make the time spent under it more enjoyable and an umbrella which is not fastened to the ground properly can spoil all the fun. There are only two main types of accessories that are very important for any umbrella. These two are, one is the sand anchor and the second is umbrella base.

Both the umbrella base and the sand anchor should be bought based upon the area where the umbrella is to be put up and the weather conditions and other circumstances of the area. The sand anchors are also known as sand augers. These are very important for those umbrellas especially which are put up in sand. These anchors have large spiral threads at the bottom which goes into the sand. It helps the umbrellas stand erect in front of even the fierce of winds. An umbrella without a sand anchor is almost useless. The second very important accessory is the umbrella base. An umbrella base is a disc like flat structure which is placed on the ground. It has a pole like structure protruding out from the middle of the disc. The patio umbrella base can be very easily be fixed in this pole with the help of a knob that is provided along.

These are very necessary especially to support patio umbrellas. The umbrella base should be very string and robust because the whole of the umbrella stands on it and if the base will be weak the umbrella will also surely fall off. These bases are available in many different types of materials like aluminum, cast iron, plastic, fiberglass, steel and even cement for umbrellas that are to be put up permanently.

The umbrella bases made out of plastic or fiberglass are generally used for patio umbrellas which are placed in open air spaces. The best part of these bases is that they do not damage the floor and still provide good shelter from the sun and rain.

Umbrella Base & Stand Sizing Chart for Patio / Market Umbrellas:

Shade Width (ft)PositioningMINIMUM Base Size (lbs)
4.5 Through Table 30
4.5 Free Standing 40
6 Through Table 30
6 Free Standing 50
7.5 Through Table 30
7.5 Free Standing 50
8 or 8 x 10 Through Table 50
8 or 8 x 10 Free Standing 75
9 Through Table 50
9 Free Standing 75
6.5 x 10 Through Table 50
6.5 x 10 Free Standing 75
11 Through Table 50
11 Free Standing 75