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Buying Guide for Skimboards

Skimboards - Mini Surfboards

Skim boards can be called younger siblings of surfboards. The word 'younger' implies that a skim board is a miniature version of a surfboard. Ordinary skimboards are approximately 40 inches in length. Skim boards lying around is a common scene at any beach. Skim boarding is fun. It is done in shallow water. The skim board is thrown into a shallow stretch of water. The rider then jumps on to the board and glides across the water. Standing atop the board, the rider goes about performing amazing water tricks and rare feats all along.

Maestros in skim boarding perform nerve racking tricks like shuv-it, Ollie, spin, varials and more. The onlookers are flabbergasted at the amazing display of tricks. Human body gets such wonderfully mechanical at times! A novice will prefer to remain in shallow water all throughout but an expert in the beach sport will move into a little deeper stretch of water braving strong waves all along with skimboard. A beginner must never ever begin with ferocious skim boarding, whatsoever is the level of excitement!

Skim boarding dates back to 1920 and it has come a long way since then. In earlier times, skim boards were circular in shape. Today skim boarding is commonplace. More and more people are gravitated towards the sport these days. Some enthusiasts swear they can't do without skim boarding. Such a gripping and interesting sport it is. The best point about skim boarding is that it performed in shallow waters and shallow waters are not very difficult to locate.

Beaches are the most popular skim boarding spot. The sport may however as well be practiced in lakes and skim pools. Skim pools are especially designed low water bodies to practice skim boarding. Many amusement parks have come out with skim pools, of late. Some sport devotees have gone to the extent of developing a skim pool at their own premises. Skim boards are although small in size but their exact size will depend on the rider's height, overall built and experience.

Skim boards are usually of two major types on the basis of what they are made up of. These are wood skim boards and skim boards made of foam. Skim boards made of foam are relatively more expensive than wooden skim boards as they are comparatively lighter. All skim boards are given a polyester coating to protect them from all possible damages. Skim boards are not difficult to find. One may easily get them from beach vendors or surf shops. One may search for them online as well. Another good deal can be hiring these skim boards on rent. The rentals depend on the type of skim board and the vendor but on the whole, rentals are very affordable and it is a wise decision to get them on rent rather than spending a bomb on purchasing one and later discarding it in the deepest corners of one's house. So, there is worth in hiring skim boards on a payment of meager rent. One should get them readily at popular beaches and surf shops.

Another popular beach sports is body boarding with bodyboards enjoying thrills of riding the surf.