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Picnic Coolers

Picnic Coolers

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Picnic and Beach Coolers Buying Guide

Surfing the waves, playing in the sand, and of course enjoying the sun always results in one thing: hunger. And when hunger strikes, nobody wants to gather all of their stuff together, load it into a car, and go out to eat. To ease this burden, you will bring along your favorite cold drinks and some delicious sandwich makings. In order to keep your cold foods cold, you will most certainly need a beach cooler or a beach chair with a cooler. These wonderful inventions are able to hold a single drink or a meal for an entire family and have become indispensable on your beach chairs for any beach trip.

For those times when going to the beach is just too much work, but you want to enjoy the fresh air outside, then consider a picnic cooler. Same great function as a beach cooler, except with a few accessories to make your picnic experience easier and more enjoyable. Also popular is Backpack Chair with Cooler which have insulated cooler pouch on the rear of back-rest of the chair. Many picnic basket coolers come with plates, glasses, napkins, and bottle openers. This is the ideal picnic solution, if you just want to grab your food and go.

The needs for various kinds of beach and picnic baskets have progressed over the many decades and centuries since the first picnic. The collapsible picnic coolers are ideal for shorter trips since they are able to keep foods at their proper temperatures adequately for shorter periods of time. Durable and spacious when opened to full size, they can be collapsed down to two inches for easy storage and transportation.

The insulated beach bags have all of the benefits of a beach cooler, except that it is more compact, and easier to carry around. They are ideal for car trips, transporting frozen goods, or sporting events. Insulated beach totes are able to hold about 20 beverage cans and have spacious pockets for many other uses. Some picnic and beach bags have a mini refrigerator built in, so that it can be kept cool (especially on long trips) just by plugging it into a vehicle's 12 DC power outlet.

The traditional woven basket has one shortcoming: it isn't insulated in any fashion. Thus, when going on a picnic, you could normally take only room-temperature foods. But with the picnic basket cooler, you are able to store hot or cold foods, and they will stay that way. This allows your foods to stay fresher and taste better when you reach your picturesque dining location to enjoy your feast.

The picnic backpack or the picnic cooler on wheels are the ultimate in food and drink portability. They are thermally insulated to keep your cold foods cold or your hot foods hot for several hours, but they also have a separate compartment to store your personal belongings and other necessities for a day hike.

Here are some non-traditional uses of a beach or picnic basket:

    Theme park
  • Long Drives
  • Camping
  • Hikes (Especially with a backpack style picnic basket)
  • Potluck
  • Work party
  • Family gatherings
  • Sporting events
  • Shopping