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Picnic Blankets

Picnic Blankets

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Beach and Picnic Blankets

Picnics mean lot of fun with family or friends. The very thought of heading out for a picnic spells happiness and relief. The lush green garden together with the company of loved ones or a beach picnic with one's beloved over a glass of wine is a truly refreshing break from the monotony of daily routine. Once decided, one will have to jot down a list of things he/she would need. Besides some obvious things like snacks, cookies, wine and water, one would need a picnic blanket or beach blanket.

Designs and Sizes :

Beach and picnic blankets come in varied designs and sizes. If one is going for a picnic with the whole army, there are large blankets. One the other hand, if only two lovers are planning to go, there are smaller versions. Also, they come in different weights. The apparent disadvantage of the heavier ones is that they are bulky and somewhat embarrassing to carry and move around with. Today there is a diverse range of compact and light blankets available. Sunshine waterproof beach blankets are easy to carry as they fold themselves into a very thin layer and fit into the backpack easily. Let the burden of the blanket not damper the spirit of the party. Some of the picnic blanket are designed with matching picnic coolers and backpacks.

Features :

Another important consideration while choosing beach and picnic blankets is whether they are waterproof or not. It is advisable that one goes in for waterproof ones. There are two aspects to it. Firstly, one would not have to worry about any spillage. With children around, this comes as a very common feature. Even with adults, one cannot be sure of any non-spoilage. Secondly, the blanket should not be such that allows the moisture in the ground to penetrate to the above surface. A ground hog oversized waterproof blanket serves both the purposes. The base side of such a blanket is made from a strong fabric like nylon and the upper surface is usually polyester, cotton or acrylic in stuff.

When the lovers decide to hit the beach or any other garden for that matter, beach and picnic blankets can actually set the tone and mood of the picnic. The couple may decide to go in for one that comes with nice lace and ribbons all over. The color and texture of the blanket also goes a long way in the mood of the party right.

Picnics are a time to make fun and shed all the accumulated fatigue and monotony. One may want to bask in the sun or just stretch out for a while in the fresh air or maybe laze around on the blanket. Enjoy your relaxation under under the sun with beach umbrella. The blanket therefore must be comfortable enough. Another thing one just cannot miss out on when making the purchase is the durability. Please do not go for inferior quality beach and picnic blankets for the sake of them being cheap. The strength of the blanket should be foremost.

Some beach and picnic blankets come with extra padding to ensure long-lasting comfort. People dealing with the problem of lower back pain usually go in for blankets as these. Happy picnicking!