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Patio Umbrellas

Patio Umbrellas

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Outdoor Umbrella Buying Guide

A patio umbrella is a must-have accessory to any outdoor furniture setup. They not only protect everyone from harmful UV rays, but they also add a stylish accent to your outdoor furnishings. They differ from regular umbrellas, and a buyer should take the special considerations into account before purchasing a outdoor umbrella: Fabric, size, tilt, venting, and UV resistance are but a few of the notable considerations.

There are two main types of outdoor umbrellas.

Patio Umbrella

is the more basic unit with a pole that goes through the center of it. The pole then goes through the table and rests in an umbrella stand that is sitting on your deck or lawn.

Offset Patio Umbrella / Cantilever Patio Umbrella

provides the same great shade, but without the pole going directly through the middle of your table. Instead, the pole is located off to the side, freeing up the center from this obstruction. If you do not want a table, then the freestanding patio umbrella will function perfectly fine without a table; however, you will need to use a heavier umbrella base in order to ensure the safety of your freestanding umbrella.

The conditions presented in the outdoors are less than hospitable. Therefore it is important to consider only garden umbrellas that are made of sturdy, strong materials, such as aluminum, wood, or fiberglass. Wood and aluminum are stronger materials, especially in comparison to their respective weights. However, aluminum can be bent, and wood can mold, warp, or crack if not properly cared for. Fiberglass, although heavier, has none of these drawbacks and is preferable for moist environments where corrosion inevitable. If you prefer the aluminum, choose a heavy duty, rust-resistant umbrella stand that comes with a good warranty. Commercial grade umbrellas are many times referred as Market Umbrellas and found in restaurant, parks, bistro and outdoor settings.

The outdoor umbrella is securely opened in one of several fashions. The crank type is probably the easiest to operate, but is most prone to failure. If you are looking for commercial patio umbrellas or a logo patio umbrella, then you would definitely be advised to consider the pulley and pin system or the even simpler push-up system, and ensure that its mounted on umbrella stand securely. The pulley and pin method uses a rope and pulley to open the umbrella, and a pin to secure it in place. The push-up system requires manually pushing up the umbrella and securing it open with a pin.

The umbrella tilt is a very desirable feature on any home garden umbrella. Some umbrellas that open by crank come with an auto-tilt feature, which will tilt the umbrella to your desired angle once the umbrella is open. This is convenient when the sun changes and you need to easily adjust the umbrella. Other types of tilt mechanisms include the push button tilt and the collar tilt. The collar tilt is the quickest and easiest and allows for the most control over your desired angle.

Respected brand names to consider when purchasing a patio umbrella are California Umbrella, Galtech Umbrellas, Fiberbuilt, Coolaroo, Green Corner UmbrellasRio Brands, Copa, Frankford Umbrella, and SolarGuard