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Market Umbrellas

Market Umbrellas

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Market Umbrellas as a marketing tool

A market umbrella is an umbrella that is put up at commercial place. Such an umbrella can be put to many uses other than simply being used for providing shade. These market umbrellas are being used as a source of advertisement at many places and these make a very good advertising agent. Promotional umbrellas have become the most popular and cost effective way to advertise and promote different things. It is a very tried and tested way of increasing the brand awareness. There are many different types of Market Umbrellas that can be used for the purpose of promotion of some product or brand.

There isn't anything like a market umbrella to dress up your outdoor spaces and give shade when you need it. Installing a market umbrella is far less expensive than adding a patio cover, and shows off a unique style to any residential or commercial application.

In the commercial setting, there are specific things a good market umbrella like thes one made by Galtech Umbrellas will do; and that is to provide the right amount of shade while fitting into the space provided. In some settings, a cantilever umbrella is the ideal shade shelter. However, because the umbrella base of a cantilever umbrella is typically quite large, this type of umbrella may work well in corners where people will not be walking.

At a cafe or restaurant, commercial umbrellas fill the need for shade in a classy way. It is important that the market umbrella used in a commercial setting be paired with the proper umbrella base, and that it carries certain features. Here's the thing: hands both big and little will be tempted to play with certain types of commercial umbrellas. That's right. Crank mechanisms for opening and closing market umbrellas are easy to use; and that means customers can use them as well as staff. The problem with this is that if a waiter or waitress is walking past a table where the customer is putting down the umbrella with a crank mechanism, they may be hit by the swift moving arms coming down. Disaster. For restaurants especially, it is important that market umbrellas have a manual lift and a pin to hold in place and sturdy mounted on umbrella stands

Market umbrellas were once the name for wood umbrellas only. But today the term market umbrella and patio umbrella are really interchangeable. Material is now irrelevant for the most part. A market umbrella can be made with a wood pole and wood arms; or with a wood pole and fiberglass arms. Fiberglass arms (or ribs) are best for windy areas because there is some give to them.

In any setting where a market umbrella will be open for extended periods of time, the material used in the shade is also important. Some materials will fade far sooner than others. Sunbrella fabric is the very best fabric available for commercial and market umbrellas whether they are to be used at home or in a commercial setting. Sunbrella fabric is treated to resist fading for several years; and most owners of Sunbrella umbrellas report that the material outlasts even the warranty. Popular market umbrellas for high commercial use made by Green Corner Umbrellas can last for years and most parts are easily replaceable.

Market umbrellas dress up any space with a look like nothing else can provide. When you take the time to purchase the right umbrella, you will be treated to years of shade and style on the patio.