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Lafuma Chairs

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Buying a Zero Gravity Lafuma Recliner

Relax in luxury with a French-designed Lafuma recliners in many styles and patterns. With more than 50 years of experience, Lafuma has designed their RSX XL recliner specifically for comfort to provide your body with the reprieve it needs from the harshness of everyday life.

Designed specifically to reduce strain on the lower back, this Lafuma chair can be set to one of many, typically four, different positions to suit your individual tastes. Some chairs offer a zero gravity position, which takes the strain off of the lower regions of the back, thus reducing pain and discomfort. If you prefer, get one with an adjustable, built-in headrest for added comfort.

The Lafuma chair also been designed for strength, as well as easy packing and transportation. The Lafuma lounger is designed from the ground up to be strong and light. The Lafuma recliner is made with a steel and aluminum alloy. This not only makes the chair very strong, but it also makes it very light.

Nothing is more important than the comfort, support, and strength of the fabric in the Lafuma lounger. And because comfort is king, all of the Lafuma chairs are made with the most ventilating materials, in order to maintain your physical comfort. Also, all of these chairs are made with UV and weather resistant materials (like rust-resistant aluminum), so you will be assured of their safe and proper functioning far into the future. A nice benefit in their current design, is that the fabric is customizable. It is completely removable and can even be changed with other fabrics, designs, or prints.

There are a few options and styles available, tailored to meet your needs, both in the chair and in the pocketbook. Mesh, polyester, and poly-cotton canvas are a few of the choices available for these beach chaises. Of these choices, the padded poly-cotton RSX recliner stuffed with high-density foam is the most luxuriant model and provides superior comfort.

A common problem that I notice with many folding beach chairs, is that after I have reclined, I have nowhere to put my arms, causing me to either fold my arms across my chest, let them hang, or just try and hang onto the arm rests. However, this is a problem that this chair has been designed to solve. The armrests recline with the rest of the chair. So, once you find a comfortable position, you will not need to readjust if you recline.

Lafuma's zero-gravity lounge chair is pretty awesome too. The Lafuma RSX XL Recliner is extra wide because sometimes it is just nice to have a lot of space. You can recline as little or as much as you want in it. It is super comfortable, and the cup holders are a nice touch.

No matter if you are looking for a simple reclining aluminum beach chair or a padded recliner with all of the bell and whistles, I would suggest that you look no further than the Lafuma Cham Elips or the Lafuma RSX XL recliners. They are sure to make you feel like you are sitting in the lap of luxury. And with a two-year warranty, they are sure to give you many days of happy sitting.