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Buying Guide for Beach Hammocks

Highly Suitable for Rest and Relaxation

Hammocks are essentially a bed made of fabric that is primarily attached to two different points like trees or wooden stands and leave it suspended like a swing. These were traditionally used by the Navy sailors as the sleeping bed. However, over the years, people have started carrying these hammocks to suit several outdoor relaxation spots like on a beach, poolside, into the woods, camping or any other such places that people tend to go to unwind themselves.

Nowadays, beach hammocks are increasingly being used by more and more people as these are just perfect for beachside relaxation. These hammocks are available in variety of styles, fabrics and designs that tend to provide people with ample choice to choose from.

Usually a hammock is designed to carry the weight of a single person. However, nowadays, owing to their growing demand and popularity among people, these hammocks have started being designed in such a manner so as to accommodate two to three people in the same hammock. The ideal weight range for such hammocks would be approximately 400 lbs to 600 lbs. the basic dimensions or measurements of beach hammocks would be approximately 6 to 11 foot long and 3 to 14 foot wide.

Beach hammocks are just perfect for the beach day out as people can easily hang these using any two sturdy points. People can then lie down on the hammock and relax by reading a book, chilling out with a cool drink or simply taking a short nap in order to get some rest. People can also share beach hammocks with their friend or partner and simply spend some quality time with each other. Beach hammocks comprise of mosquito netting that effectively helps in get rid of various irritable insects that tend to bother people on several such outdoor locations. Beach hammocks are made from materials that are extremely light in weight thereby enabling people to easily carry them on their outings. Some may even come with few storage pockets in order to enable one to use that space for carrying important essentials that they may require on such occasions.


Hammocks are available in varied styles and designs

Brazilian Hammocks

One of the most common types of hammocks that are exclusively used under cold climatic conditions is the Brazilian hammock. These are hand made hammocks that are essentially made from the cotton fabrics. These hammocks offer great quality, strength and exceptional durability. One may also find self supporting hammocks that need no point of attachment. These are commonly used for the backyard; however, these can also be carried on a beach if one wishes to. There my be various hammocks that are made from the parachute silk fabric as this material is resistant to weather conditions thereby making them perfect for an outdoor location.

Mayan style hammocks

Mayan style hammocks are the most beautifully designed that are available in varied stunning colors. Some of the hammocks may also come with essential accessories like side tables, storage bags and pillows.

Beach hammocks therefore offer value for money as people tend to experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation experience.

Hang a hammock where there are no supports

The discovery of hammock can be attributed to the people who lived in the tropical area. They had to raise themselves from the ground to escape from insects and snake bite. People started to make sleeping arrangements by tying some kind of strong chords across trees. Later it began to be used by travelers, explorers and on boats. It is a convenient way to sleep safely and is useful when there is less of space. It just needs two strong supports to hang it up. It later came into use as a symbol for relaxation. Slowly different variations came because of evolution. There are hammocks designed as a chair which allow a person to relax in the same way as on a normal one. The next step was to bring about a stand so that it can be hung any where one feels like. There is no binding of looking for proper supports. The comfort and convenience is making it more and more popular.

The best way to have a relaxed day at home on the porch or at a camping site is by sitting in a hammock which is designed to feel like a chair. Buying the right hammock may not look like the most important task yet it has to be treated with some interest. A hammock is nothing but a hanging bed from two points or four points. It can be made of fabric or of ropes woven together. The ropes can be of nylon, cotton, canvas or jute. The net made can be so close that it even looks like a fabric. The nets made can be hung from trees or other supports like poles or stands. To suspend these nets clews or cords are used. They come in different sizes and shapes for children and adults. The cords of the hammock are passed through a spreader at both ends to give it a shape. There are some which can be hung on a beach. It should have supports like trees to tie both the ends. Where there are no such facilities, there are stands that can be carried for the purpose. The 'C' shapes stand is meant for a hammock chair. There are many hammock chairs which come in combination with a stand. Some of them can be folded. The stands are made of metals and powder coated steel. The fabric swing beds come in different colors. They are weather proof and do not lose their color so easily. There are also the quilted ones in the fabric category. The fabric made swing beds do not tilt so easily. It is very safe for the use of children. They can be allowed to use one of their own. There are some which can fit two people at a time. Kids can have a great time on a lovely summer afternoon on the porch or on a beach.

There are famous beaches which are known as hammock beaches. They have many trees on the beaches which can be used for the purpose of hanging a chair or hammock.