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Beach Tents

Beach Tents

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Beach Tent Buying Guide

If you are in need of a little privacy and shelter from the sun and wind on a beach, then look no further than your own personal beach tent for UV protection. They give you a little added protected from the sun's harmful UV rays, much like a beach cabana or beach umbrellas, but they also provide a place of refuge when you need to get away from the hot sand. Beach shade tent can also be used to meet many of your other needs:

  • A private and convenient place to change when the bathrooms are dirty, full, or too far away.
  • Napping
  • Keep your food cooler by keeping it out of the sun.
  • A private shelter for all of your other belongings.

Styles of Beach Sun Shelters :

Beach tents come in a few different styles, which vary according to size, ease of setup, and ease of storage. If you are looking to fit many people in your sun shelter, then you may want to consider a large beach cabana, a large family tent, or a large beach gazebo. Dome tents, pop-up beach tents, and frame tents all provide a space that is smaller and designed with a single family in mind.

Pop-up Beach Shelters :

They are by far the easiest to set up, but are a little more difficult to take down. They are constructed so that it takes only seconds until you have a completely constructed tent on the beach. This beach sun tent is usually made of lightweight fiberglass poles and thus is not very heavy to transport or store.

Baby Beach Tent :

Its one type of pop up tent that provides your baby or small children a place of their own to play and enjoy while trying to cool off and relax. Look for a tent that provides the UV protection to meet your individual needs. However a baby beach tent should have a minimum UV protection factor of 50 or more.

Family Beach Tent :

Its much larger and is intended to hold three to four people comfortably. They have been constructed to provide a family with the space, privacy, and protection that a family would need while out in a large open public space.

Beach Canopy :

Beach Canopies are even larger still, and can hold eight to 10 people. There is no privacy with beach canopy, and they are prone to damage under high winds. But they provide excellent shelter for your family and friends while on the beach.


Benefits of Beach Shelters :

Privacy :

If you are looking for privacy, then it is very important that you find a tent that will allow all four sides to be completely enclosed. Some beach sun tent comes with mesh windows to allow breeze through the beach cabanas to help protect you from getting too hot. Therefore it is important that the windows have zip-up coverings.

Storage :

Storage can also be very useful in a shelter for the beach. If you need a place to store your keys, loose change, or wallet, and don't want to just through them on the ground next to everything else, then make sure your beach shelter]:url=] has some pockets on the inside sides in order to hide and store your valuables