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Beach Carts

Beach Carts

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Beach Cart Buying Guide

Beach Carts are designed for multi-purpose use from fishing, laundry cart, utility cart, shopping and transport of beach gear. They come in different sizes and shapes to suit the purpose.

The wheeled beach carts construction is collapsible and non-collapsible for compact storage of it into a family car. A cheap brush or beach towel can be used to remove the sand. The folding beach cart with wheels is easy to use it for transporting gear to and from a beach over sandy terrain or picnic destination. The cost of these beach trolleys mainly depends upon the materials and the quality of the wheels.

Types of Beach Carts

  • Cage Frame: The mesh compartment frame holds loose, bulky items such as beach towels, toys and body boards. A removable tote bag is attached to the upper portion of the frame for storage of small personal items. The folding structure of these Beach Carts designed similar to baby strollers and very easy to assemble within seconds. It has swivel wheels at the front for navigation and the rear wheels are fixed in orientation. The beach chair support bars comprises a cross-piece element suspended in the upper section of the cart structure.
  • Utility Cart Frame: It can support large cooler units pivotted secured to the framework unit. You can also get one with pair of telescoping support arms which are laterally moveable to custom height.

Before you set out for your next summer expedition, make sure you have all the gear to make your fun a flawless one. Choose from popular Model of Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart and Wheeleez Beach Cart