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Rash Guards

Rash Guards

Vital Role of rash Guards in Daily Life

The days of spreading slippery sun blocks on stomach and body, to get shelter from damage caused by sun are gone. The new technology of using rashguards have evolved, that makes sure that entire torso is protected and none of the spot is left on body whenever a person is going out in sun or on a beach trip.

Rash guards, also called as swim shirts or rashies, are body fitted shirts with short or long sleeves. These shirts have been designed to serve the ample purpose of protection from sun and are made with SPF+150 protection, which is much more than provided by a normal sun block lotion. In addition to this, they are worn to cover the entire torso of its user so that there is no need to worry regarding any particular body part.

An individual can have numerous reasons to use this guard. These were earlier designed for small kids who were not able to spend plenty of hours in sun, but now these are available for people of all age and sizes and for both men and women. With these rash guards, it has become super easy to get protected from sun as they are easy to wear and carry. It not only protects from harmful sun’s radiations but also give safety from various skin injuries that can be caused due to sun’s exposure. So these guards are suitable for wearing during sports activity or a beach trip.

They are perfect to be dressed during body boarding and surfing as it protects from getting a rash on stomach or chest along with protecting the skin. These shirts are designed not only to work in sun but they perform similar functions even when they are wet. Even when shirts get wet, there SPF level remains the same and it works in the same way as it was working before. As compared to normal sunscreens or beach umbrellas, which require regular and frequent applications, especially during summers and sweating, these rash guards are more easy and handy to use.

One can make use of it at almost any place and at any time, but they are best suitable for outdoor activities and work wonders in hot, windy and sandy climate. Due to presence of high level of SPF in it, a person using it will not get sun burns, whether it is a beach at the hottest place or it is just another normal summer day.

Due to its cool looks and designer style of beach swimwear, these rash shirts are worn not only during a sport activity, but can be worn even while people are going outside to have fun. It can be worn on a rainy day as in that weather individuals are more prone of getting skin infections and sun burns. Truly speaking a person can use these shirts for wearing them indoors also. Here it will give protection not only from sun rays but will help in combating any kind of skin infection that may arise. So this guard works as a sport accessory and also helps individuals from getting protection while going out in sun for all kinds of purpose.

These rash guards have emerged as safe and handy item for getting shield from harmful sun effects and are easy to use