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Skimboards product reviews
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30" Deluxe Wood SkimBoard for Begineers by Drew Brophy
sku: WCPS559
sale price: $47.90
reg: $55.00
ships free! Ships Next Business Day
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30" Deluxe Wood SkimBoard for Begineers by Drew Brophy
sku: WCPS560
sale price: $47.90
reg: $59.00
ships free! Ships Next Business Day
color choices
44" Fiberglass Skim Board by Drew Brophy
sku: WCPS454
sale price: $109.90
reg: $139.00
ships free! Ships Next Business Day
color choices

Skim Boards

Making the choice of skimboard with so many options around is never an easy task. However, it is critical to make the right choice, since this is what will determine what you experience. They are used for either sand skimming or wave riding.

Structure of SkimBoards:

All skim boards are either oval or in teardrop shape. Most skim boards are between 3/8 to 5/8 inches in thickness. Skim boarders use three types of rockers:

Constant rocker: Its curved on the entire length with full arc shape from tip to tail ends. This is mostly used by daily skim boarders, as it provides better control but slows the speed when moving to the wave.

Traditional rocker: This is completely flat.

Hybrid rocker: This has a curved bottom.

How to Buy SkimBoard:

Look at Material: If you're headed for a beach with flatter surf,wooden skimboard boards (made of various kinds of wood) are ideal. However, for riding the waves, more advanced and synthetic constructions are used. Fiberglass is used to lend a smooth finish to the board. Aluminum is coated on Texalium boards to make them shiny. Carbon fiber is used to make extremely light but sturdy boards.

Board Tail: SkimBoards with pin tails are used in sand skim boarding. Beginners use it because they need a stable board to learn the art. Boards with square or 'W' shaped tails are used in wave riding skimboards.

Weight, Age and Ability: You need to take into account your weight, age and ability while deciding on a skim board. Each board carries a weight guideline, which you should stick to. Each Manufacturer has different sizing. Usually riders who like more maneuverability on the wave or good drop prefer to use small size than recommended. Larger boards help to move father distance but slows down the turning of the board. Slight larger skim boards is recommended for learners.

Skim Boards We Offer:

We offer skim boards of all sizes and shapes. Our fiberglass skimboards, available with catchy templates, ensure optimum speed and maneuverability. These are ideal for intermediate and expert skim boarders. Wooden skimboards with attractive graphics are perfect for beginners.