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Wheeleez Beach Cart

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The Best Wheeleez Folding Beach Cart for Your Needs

The Wheeleez beach cart is a lightweight, load-bearing vehicle used on beaches, construction sites, sports fields and other unstable surfaces.

Wheeleez Folding Beach Cart

The Wheeleez mini folding beach cart is your perfect load-bearing companion, be it at the beach, park, farm, garden, construction site or sports field. This versatile folding Wheeleez beach cart is useful for carrying bulky equipment, such as coolers, chairs, sensitive cameras, sound equipments and sunshades. They prove extremely handy during outdoor parties, picnics or fishing when one needs to carry one's paraphernalia.

Wheeleez Folding Beach Cart: Features

The balloon wheels of the Wheeleez folding beach carts are soft but tough, which helps in dispersing weight evenly over a large surface. This unique feature enables it to be easily driven on sensitive, unstable terrain, such as sand, soft mud and soggy grounds. Some other typical features of these versatile wheeleez beach carts are:

  • Lightweight, portable and easy to store
  • Push or pull feature enables easy transportation of heavy goods
  • Tough, tubular steel body with resistance to beach air saltiness and humidity
  • Epoxy powder coated finish for enhanced durability and appeal

Wheeleez Folding Beach Cart: Availability on Our Website

You will find a range of Wheeleez beach carts on our website. Apart from the regular ones, we also offer small-sized or Mini Wheeleez folding beach carts for those who have limited storage space at home. Their reduced size ensures more compact storage, yet with the same efficiency level.

You can purchase the choicest Wheeleez folding beach cart, Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart and other beach accessories in varied styles and designs, at our website, where you'll find the most affordable rates.

Wide wheeled beach carts for easy movement

There is nothing like a day spent swimming in sea water, playing volley ball in the sand or lying in the sun to get a good tan. A beach day out is incomplete without various accessories like towels, beach umbrella, toys, lounger, chaise or a chairs that are must have to spend an enjoyable day on the beach. Even though these accessories are quite portable, yet they need to be carried to the beach using some mode in order to avoid any inconvenience to people. Even if the car is parked very near to the beach, one has to move back and forth many times to get various things which have been brought.

In case one is accompanied by lot of people, there would not be much of a problem for the transportation of such beach accessories. However, with a single person trying to carry such accessories all by himself can be quite troublesome. Moreover, it is extremely difficult to walk in the sand which can cause difficulties in carrying the baggage without any help. It becomes very tiring even before the day starts. It would be therefore feasible and convenient to get some support by making use of beach carts that can enable one to transport the baggage to the desired spot.

When new equipment is to be bought many points are to be kept in mind. List out the functions it has to perform and then explore the markets for the desired piece of machine. It is not necessary that the cart has to be used at the sea side. It can be put to work at various other places like beach, camping, or simply in the backyard. Things can be loaded into it and carried to a backyard party or to move bulk of books from one room to another. The primary consideration prior to buying such carts that one must bear is that it should have a good load bearing capacity. There are carts which can bear loads from fifty lbs to six hundred lbs. If the car is small and the space is quite limited in the house too, then go for a smaller one. Even with a smaller beach cart the number of trips will be lesser than carrying them individually. There are beach carts which are like rolling beach loungers and others can turn into a table as well. The larger ones have pneumatic tires which make it easy to roll them without any hassles. The tires used for rolling on the sand are specially made to allow easy movement on the sand. .

Another variety is the foldable wheels beach cart. It can carry up to 165 lbs over the sand very easily. Apart from their use on the beach, the carts are useful at many other places as well. It can be used to carry things from the garden shed to the backyard. Wonder wheeler is unique as it has pivoting front wheel and wide based rear wheels which make it easier to roll on any kind of surface. It has a removable tote bag that can be used to store several belongings. It can carry up to four chairs at a time owing to their exceptional load carrying capacity. The best part of it is that it folds flat so takes little space for storage.