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Patio Umbrellas

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6.5 ft Square Umbrella - Commercial Grade
sku: GCR65
price: $537.00
reg: $689.00
ships free!
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7.5' Fiberglass Beach Umbrella Market Style w Vent UPF100 - Commercial Grade
sku: WTW760
sale price: $99.00
reg: $139.90
ships free! Ships Next Business Day
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10 x 10 Ft Market Umbrella by Galtech , Commercial Grade
sku: GLT792
price: $479.00
reg: $835.00
ships free!
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7.5-ft. Wind Resistant Commercial Grade Market Umbrella by Frankford
sku: FFU107
sale price: $420.00
ships free!
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7.5 ft Palapa Patio / Beach Umbrella with Tilt & Vent - Whiskey
sku: PEIU7W
price: $149.90
reg: $195.00
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6ft Deluxe Cabana Striped Patio / Beach Umbrella with Tilt & Vent
price: $109.90
reg: $195.00
ships free!
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6ft Striped Bistro Patio / Beach Umbrella with Tilt & Vent
sku: PEIM1B
price: $115.90
reg: $209.00
ships free!
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7 ft Beach / Patio Umbrella by Rio - UPF 100+ Teal Color
sku: WRBU936
sale price: $69.90
reg: $89.00
ships free! Ships Next Business Day
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7.5 ft. Acrylic Patio Umbrella Aluminum Pole - US Flag
sku: AFFAS7A06
price: $139.90
reg: $239.00
ships free!
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6ft Cabana Striped Beach Umbrella with Tilt & Vent
sku: APEIA04
price: $135.90
reg: $209.00
ships free!
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6ft Deluxe Cabana Striped Beach Umbrella with Tilt & Vent
price: $135.90
reg: $195.00
ships free!
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6ft Palapa Beach Umbrella with Tilt - Brown
price: $135.90
reg: $199.00
ships free!
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Patio umbrellas add a touch of class and color to your lawn, deck or any outdoor patio setting. These umbrellas not only provide shade, but also block out the sun's glare and its damaging and harmful UV rays.

How to Purchase Market & Patio Umbrellas
Patio umbrellas differ from regular umbrellas and sometimes referred to as garden umbrellas. So one should consider various features before opting for them.

Shade Area: Measure the length and the width of the outdoor shade area; allow about six to eight inches from around the umbrella for clearance outside the umbrella canopy. This allows the patio umbrella to open and close without obstruction. E.g. 8 x 8 ft balcony will allow a patio umbrella with 7 foot diameter to cover 30 inch table. For larger Area of 10 x 10 ft, Offset patio umbrellas are recommended to cover large tables of 48 inches and mixed seating space.

Canopy Fabric: Patio umbrella fabric comes in many colors and patterns. Breathable fabrics are a good choice; they stay cool under the hot sun. Most umbrella fabrics are colorfast, mildew and mold resistant. If you store the umbrella away during the winter or rainy periods - then a thinner, less expensive fabric might do, such as polyester. Otherwise, a more durable fabric such as sunbrella for umbrella which is going to stay outside in the rain or be full time in the hot summer sun. Keep in mind that umbrella coverings with darker colors and thicker fabrics will have better UV protection.

Quality Frame: Outdoor umbrellas are most likely to be abused or misused. They must have a sturdy frame to withstand windy conditions. Good quality umbrellas have wind vents at the top, which facilitate air circulation. Most frames are made from wood, fiberglass or metal. Metal (Aluminum or Steel) and fiberglass patio umbrella frames have a lot of features and can blend with almost all patio settings. For Commercial Patio Umbrellas or high traffic areas, we recommended patio umbrellas with the least moving parts like single pole or strong couplings, manual or pulley lift. Helpful information about the pieces and parts of the "skeleton" of patio umbrella:

  • Crank: A device that is rotated to open and close the canopy. Some have the tilt-mechanism built-in the crank to make tilting the canopy easy. Crank types are "NOT" recommended for use in commercial applications.

  • Pulley & Pin: Many aluminum patio umbrellas have cranks as a mechanism to raise and lower the canopy, most wood styles have a push up mechanism or pulley & pin type to adjust it to the proper height. A simple manual push up type of operation with pin & hole option to keep the shade open is recommended for commercial settings. Some market umbrellas use the pulley system that requires more effort but recommend for wider umbrellas over 9 foot diameter.

  • Pole: Most poles are assembled in two pieces for easy transport and storage. They measure 1.375 inches to 2 inches in diameter. The most common pole materials are wood or aluminum. A single solid pole adds considerable strength to help them better withstand wind pressure and the rigors of outdoor commercial applications around hotel & apartment pool areas, or restaurant settings.

  • Ribs: These are the arms of your frame that spread and support the canopy into the open position. More ribs provide added strength and stability. The Fiberglass ribs are lightweight and outstanding at absorbing wind gusts without breaking and last four times longer than wood or aluminum ribs.

Warranty: Buy market and patio umbrellas that carry a warranty. Sunbrella Fabric has three year warranty against fading unlike one year warranty for Olefin. Polyester fabric generally has no warranty.

Resistant: Market & patio umbrellas with Mold, Mildew, stain and water resistant lasts longer and easy to clean.

Sun-Resistant: Market & patio umbrellas which have UV treated fabrics are more durable so it resists tearing, cracking or splitting. Umbrella coverings with darker colors and thicker fabrics have better UV protection

Wind Vent: It's a flap in the fabric of canopy that allows for wind and heat to escape the top of the umbrella. It provides added stability during windy conditions and comfort by allowing hot air to escape from the top and makes it feel cooler under the shade.

Tilt Mechanism: Tilt or crank features is not recommended in a commercial application Many residential style umbrellas have tilt options:

  • Crank / Auto Tilt: Located on, at, or near the crank of the umbrella, allows you to continue cranking after the umbrella is open in order to achieve the desired shade.

  • Push Button Tilt: Located at the top of the pole just below ribs. You release the spring loaded button, and it locks the umbrella tilting lever to the position. Usually Patio Umbrellas comes in 3 tilt positions.

  • Collar Tilt: This option is one of the quickest and most popular not requiring much effort and adjusts to almost infinite positions utilizing the convenient tilt mechanism whilst seated.

Umbrella Stand: This makes umbrellas sturdier, especially during strong winds. The proper weight for your umbrella base or stand is determined by the size of your umbrella and whether it is being utilized through a table or freestanding. A table can add weight to help hold down your umbrella on the ground. A freestanding umbrella requires a considerably heavier umbrella base.

Color Scheme: Consider the color scheme of your outdoor furniture when buying a market umbrella. If you have a neutral color scheme, you could choose brightly colored umbrellas.

Cleaning, Care, and Storage: Begin by using a damp cloth to wipe away any dust or dirt. To remove tougher soiling, use soapy water before wiping down with a clean cloth. Avoid using chemicals, abrasive materials, or other harsh cleaning products, as these may cause undue damage to your patio umbrella. Regular cleaning is recommended to keep your patio umbrella looking like new and performing well. Make sure you store your umbrella in a dry place when not in use. Mildew and mold will be sure to build up in the folds of the umbrella if you store it in a damp place. If the chance for inclement weather is high, we recommend closing the shade of your patio umbrella or storing it in a sheltered area if possible.

Types of Umbrellas:
We offer numerous types of market and patio umbrellas to choose from.
Offset Patio Umbrellas: More versatile choice than normal freestanding umbrellas. It features cantilever designs with an offset umbrella base and a shade that extends over the desired area. Offset patio umbrellasis is a better choice for seating areas where you don't want obstruction.
Freestanding outdoor umbrellas: These are standard patio umbrella styles with pole that extends up to the center of the shade and down to the umbrella stand. These are a reliable choice for normal shade and preferred option for patio tables with umbrella holes. These umbrellas are more portable than offset type which are heavier and require weighted slabs to secure their bases on the ground.