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Frankford Umbrellas

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6.5 ft Square Wind Resistant Commercial Grade Market Umbrella by Frankford
sku: FFU106
sale price: $220.00
reg: $286.00
ships free!
color choices
6.5' Acrylic 'Lifeguard' Printed Umbrella ,Steel Skeleton - Color Options
sku: FFAS6A4
sale price: $169.90
reg: $219.00
ships free!
size choices
7.5-ft. Wind Resistant Commercial Grade Market Umbrella by Frankford
sku: FFU107
sale price: $420.00
ships free!
color choices

Beach Umbrellas – Beat the Heat!

A nice thrilling beach day-out is always a fascinating idea for many. It is a perfect way to rejuvenate and unwind on the relaxing sand amidst the spectacular view of the turquoise beach waters. In order to make such a vacation all the more fulfilling and satisfying, beach umbrellas are a must or else the scorching heat of the sun may play a villainous role and ruin all the fun and excitement.

Frankford Umbrellas are one of the leading providers of an array of beach umbrellas in varied colors, styles and innovative designs that instantly catch the attention. The company also supplies various covers and umbrella bases using various materials like cast iron and steel of finest quality in order to ensure exceptional strength, durability and sturdiness to the umbrella. Various freestanding bases may also be available in intricate designs in order to give a classy and attractive appeal. Frankford umbrellas also excel in the manufacture of various patio umbrellas that are exclusively used for a number of outdoor settings in restaurants, clubs, hotels and condominiums.

Beach umbrellas are widely available in various types to suit specific needs and requirements of people. There are certain umbrellas that are made from specific materials that offer protection against the harmful ultra violet rays of the blistering sun. These beach umbrellas are provided with a flexible tilt feature that tends to enable people to move the umbrella as per their need in order to enjoy the shade. Some beach umbrellas are provided with an elongated roof top which is why these are about seven to eight feet high. These umbrellas are extremely beneficial beach shelter as these tend to provide exceptional beach shade by effectively blocking the sun’s rays. The poles of these umbrellas are long which are essentially made from aluminum or hardwood in order to enhance the strength and durability of these poles. The fabric used is essentially resistant to water and extreme weather conditions.

Some of the beach umbrellas are manufactured using resin runner, fiberglass support and canvas fabric in order to ensure that these last for a long period of time. The fabric or the material that is used in the manufacture of these umbrellas is essentially sun blocking and waterproof in order to enhance the durability of the beach umbrellas. One of the most suitable fabrics that are increasingly used is the nylon primarily due to its easy maintenance. People may also prefer various travelling umbrellas primarily due to their light weight, easy portability and resistance to corrosion. Wooden beach umbrellas are mostly primarily due to their exceptional strength, stability and sturdiness. These types of umbrellas are extremely significant to prevent the instance of gusting winds that can really sabotage the beach day-out. Sometimes aluminum is also used for the framework of beach umbrellas; however, the material so used tends to fade away due to prolonged exposure to sun and extreme weather conditions.

Nowadays, beach umbrellas are available in some of the most eye catching designs that are appealing to the eye. A beach umbrella is surely a necessity but it is also one of the most important beach accessories that are the setting new trends for beach vacation.

To help increase the longetivity of your beach umbrella, a beach umbrella holder is recommended.