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Wooden Beach Chairs

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Wooden Beach Chairs

There are a plethora of factors to be considered before one hit on the right wood beach chair for the summer. The durability of chairs, the physical appeal of chairs, the comfort and the portability of wooden beach chairs has to be taken into consideration before choosing the final one. The pros and cons of each one of them need to be clearly evaluated. All this while, more stress must be laid on durability and comfort rather than appeal.

The array of wooden beach chairs is wide and includes chairs made from different fabrics and materials. When it comes to choosing the right beach chair both fabric and size are important considerations. The material may be either ployester or arcylic canvas or wooden. In case of wooden chairs, there is a need to provide extra comfort with the help of padding or cushions. Likewise the stand may be made from aluminum, steel or wood. Similarly, the size of the chair may be small, medium or large. Children, for example would need small sized loungers.

Wood beach chairs are gaining popularity by the day and these are outdoing metal frames. Despite these being costlier than ordinary metal and steel frames, more and more people seem to be fascinated by the idea of wooden beach chairs. These beach chairs, as the name itself is suggestive, are made from rugged seating fabric and wooden frame. The wooden frame provides the chairs with an altogether different appeal and strength. Canvas and wooden beach chairs offer many irresistible features. The hardwood used is more resistant to weather harshness. The chairs are more sturdy and durable than what they appear to be. They can be reclined to different positions. They can be easily packed and moved from one place to another. What’s more they look amazingly superb and wonderful! Some people mistake wooden chairs to be heavy than routine beach chairs but such people will be flabbergasted after getting to know how lightweight these wooden beach chairs can be! These days special care is given by the manufacturers to the weight of the beach chairs knowing that the chairs will have to be constantly moved, folded and unfolded.

These wooden beach chairs may be further subdivided into categories as listed below:

Canvas backrest, wooden seat - In these low lying chairs only the backrest is made from rugged cloth, rest all is made out of hardwood. These chairs usually come with detachable shoulder straps thereby providing extra ease in movement. People who are on the lookout for comfortable backrest need not go anywhere else.

Canvas backrests, canvas seat - Unlike the former kinds of chairs, these types of chairs provide a canvas seat. A canvas seat allows for a more relaxing seating provision. These come with multiple pockets and pouches to enable easy storage. A more modified version contains insulated compartments to store drinks and beverages. Wooden beach chairs include all that a person may want in a beach chair. The type of wood used must however be inquired into. If the wood used is of inferior quality, the whole purpose of an outdoor chair is washed away!

Some consideration should be done for beach umbrellas for UV protection from harmful UV rays. Rio Beach Chairs manufactures wooden beach chair made from birch wood and can be used for your backyard or the beach.