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Beach Coolers

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Aluminium Framed Picnic Cooler Basket Green
sku: PB91003
price: $61.90
reg: $84.00
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Picnic Cooler & Basket with Rug
sku: PB91009B
price: $64.90
reg: $86.00
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Zuma - Backpack Cooler
sku: PT64000
price: $52.90
reg: $66.00
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Beach and Picnic Coolers

Beach Cooler enable you to carry food for your family outings. Beach coolers ensure that the food remains ready to be served without any preparation.

Now that one has made up his mind to head out for a picnic with friends or family, one would not want the heat to play havoc with the mood of the picnic. It is a usual scene that the food, liquids and the people themselves fall prey to the scorching heat making a nightmare out of the picnic. In a situation as this, picnic coolers can come to your relief. A picnic cooler, now-a-days is a must-have in a picnic. It saves the food from spoilage. Not just this, the coolers also allow the food to be served without any manual preparation. Picnic coolers have come a long way and over the years they have evolved into handy, useful and high-tech pieces of machinery that add more color and vibrancy to the party spirit. Gone are the days when picnic food would be carried to the beach in a basket. Beach coolers and picnic coolers have evolved into picnic backpacks, totes with cooler compartments and even rolling picnic coolers (with wheels attached for easy mobility).

Variety of Styles and Sizes

Picnic coolers come in a variety of styles and sizes. The choice of a cooler depends on the weather and the type of food to be carried. Following are the different types of coolers for the people to choose from-

  • Basic picnic coolers: In the very basic sense, picnic coolers are designed to keep the hot air out and to keep the food cold and fresh. Now-a-days picnic baskets have an in-built feature of a picnic cooler.
  • Ice-chest: By allowing the food to be put on ice, an ice-chest promises to keep the food fresh for a relatively longer period of time. Most suitable for beverages, an ice-chest offers a helping hand. It does have its own disadvantages. Its huge size and rather awkward look is the major drawback.
  • Ice-chest sans ice: Now this sounds rather funny. Such a cooler needs to be plugged into an outlet to be able to make it work. It has similar size hassles as with ice-chests.
  • High-tech picnic coolers: Nothing gets better than these. They have almost everything one would want them to have- a compartment to store utensils, separate pockets for hot food and cold food, barbeque grill and more. They are obviously costlier than other normal picnic coolers.
  • Trolley kind coolers: Now if the whole family decides to go for a picnic, the size of the cooler required will be obviously big. Trolley kinds suffice to such needs. These can easily store some 15 bottles besides food. The superior quality ones are more durable and heat resistant. The wheels make it easier to carry them all along the picnic. They also provide for separate apartments for various needs.
  • Tote bag cooler: If a still smaller bunch of people set out for a picnic, a tote bag promises to fulfill the requirements. They offer many advantages- they are comparatively cheap, they are very easy to carry, they come with a variety of waterproof chambers and last but not the least they look trendy. So, for a small picnic they are ideal coolers.
All in all, it follows that depending on a particular family’s needs, a cooler would be chosen. The family may have a hard time searching for the right one!

Coolers: Food for Thought Beach Coolers enable you to prepare food for your family outing and ensure that it arrives at the beach and is ready to be served without any preparation. Present day coolers have an array of clips to secure plates, napkins and even a BBQ grill alongside thermally insulated compartments and pockets for hot or cold food or beverages. Not just limited to beach applications, coolers can also prove handy for trips to amusement parks, long drives and camping.

Cooler Than the Rest Our range of beach coolers and picnic coolers is meant to suit every kind or requirement: • For shorter trips, you could use a collapsible cooler which regulates temperature for shorter periods of time. • For longer picnics, we offer picnic cooler with electric temperature regulating systems that run a 12V DC thermoelectric cooling unit on a car battery power outlet. • For the more energy conscious, we even have a solar-powered cooler. Built-in speakers and an iPod charging dock ensure that you can add music to the mood.